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Pre-Camp Policies:

3 days before arrival:

  • Campers and their families are required to limit their social interactions solely to members of their own household. Group activities (sporting classes or games, day camps etc.), crowded places (restaurants, public pools etc.), events (weddings, bar mitzvahs etc) and playdates must be strictly avoided.

  • Parents can continue to go to work during this time but we request that a KN95 mask is worn as an added layer of protection.


Day before arrival:

  • All campers must undergo a PCR test at their own expense.

  • For ease, we will be arranging a group testing site in Vancouver. The test will be done the day before camp and results will be sent directly to the camp. Parents are responsible for the cost of this test at a rate of $99 which will be paid directly to the test provider. Booking instructions will be sent in June.

  • Families from outside Vancouver are required to arrange and pay for their own PCR test and send the results to us electronically in advance of their child's arrival at camp. This test must be done the day before arrival at camp. Further instructions will be sent out in June.

Rapid Antigen Tests:

  • Each camper will be required to bring one box of five Rapid Antigen Tests with them to camp this summer. These tests will be collected at the camp upon arrival to our site. They will be pooled and stored in the infirmary and not returned at the end of the session.

In-Camp Policies:


Cohorts & Screening:

  • Campers will be put in cohorts for the first three days of camp and will then be issued a rapid antigen test on the third day. If the camp is COVID free, cohorts will be eliminated.

In-Camp Covid Testing:

  • Campers who present with COVID symptoms will be tested with a Rapid Antigen Test.

    • If the camper tests positive, our quarantine protocols will be initiated (see below).

    • If the camper tests negative, the physician on duty will determine if they can rejoin programming and what, if any, additional tests will be done on subsequent days if symptoms remain.

    • The cabinmates of campers who test positive will only be tested if they are presenting with COVID symptoms.

COVID Quarantine Protocols: Campers who test positive for COVID will be required to quarantine for a period prescribed by BC CDC guidelines (currently 5 days from the onset of symptoms provided symptoms are improving and the child no longer has fever).


If space and resources provide, we will try to care for quarantined campers on site. If we can not care for the child at camp, campers will need to go home for their quarantine period. With that in mind, parents (or a pre-assigned designate) must be prepared to be able to arrive at camp within 24 hours of notification to take their child home for the balance of their required quarantine period. Campers can return to camp once this time-period has elapsed provided their symptoms are improving and they have received clearance from a designated camp physician.