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In 2018, National Geographic listed Lake Kalamalka as one of the 10 most beautiful lakes in the world and a day doesn't go by where we aren't filled with gratitude for being able to run our camp on this little slice of heaven.


At Camp Hatikvah, we strive to provide our campers with enriching experiences that foster personal growth, resilience and a deep connection to the outdoors. Our waterfront program embodies this mission in every ripple and splash, allowing campers to discover the unparalleled joys of lake life while reaping countless other physical, mental, and emotional benefits.

In today's digital age, there's nothing quite like the refreshing escape offered by lake life. Our waterfront program encourages campers to unwind and engage with nature in its purest form. The lake provides a serene backdrop for campers to rejuvenate their minds, strengthen their bodies and connect with fellow adventurers.

Through our waterfront program, campers acquire essential water safety skills under the guidance of our lifeguards (over 1/4 of our staff are certified - WOW) and skilled instructors. Whether they are taking their first confident strokes in the water, mastering the art of wake-boarding or navigating a kayak, these experiences not only build aquatic proficiency but also instil vital life skills.


The shared experiences of lakeside fun create a fertile ground for deep friendships to bloom. Whether it's rowing in tandem, cheering each other on during aquatic games or trying to get a pelican to actually head in the intended direction (no small feat), these shared moments foster bonds and memories that will last a lifetime.

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