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As you can imagine, we have a lot of policies but for the purposes of this handbook we have narrowed them down to the ones that you need to know about it advance of your child coming to camp.

Social Behaviour: Camp Hatikvah takes the emotional well being of our campers very seriously and works hard to build positive relationships amongst the campers to teach pro-social skills. We have strict policies in place surrounding behavioural expectations. We will explain all of our rules and expectations to your children upon arrival at camp but please take the time to speak to your children about how important it is to behave in a respectful manner towards both their peers and their staff.

Cabin Grouping: Each year we happily collect cabin-mate requests. We ask for 3 - 5 names and will do our utmost to make sure that each child gets at least one of their requests. Beyond that, campers should expect to be in a cabin with friends old and new. Please encourage your children to be open and excited about the opportunity to build new friendships; after all that is a huge part of what camp is all about.

Medication: All prescriptions, over the counter medications and vitamins sent to camp must be stored in the infirmary. If your child takes daily medication, please ask your pharmacist to prepare these meds in “7 day card” bubble packaging. Any non-daily medications as well as creams, inhalers etc. can be sent up to camp in their original packaging with your child’s name labelled clearly on it.

Food: Please do not send your children to Camp with any food. We have many children with severe (and often life-threatening) allergies. Thus, all food consumed at Camp must be provided by the camp. Any food items brought on to camp will be confiscated and not returned.

Electronics: Electronics have become a very important part of our daily lives. While we appreciate the value they provide, we also feel that camp offers the perfect (and important) opportunity for children to ‘un-plug.’ This allows them to focus their time and energy on enhancing their camp experience. With this in mind, electronics are banned from camp. This includes, but is not limited to: cell phones, Video I-Pods and iPod Touch, kindles, walkie-talkies, televisions and computers and more.

Banned Substances: Anyone found in the possession or under the influence of drugs (legal or illegal), alcohol, tobacco or vaping products will be sent home from camp immediately at their parents expense and without any refund of fees.


Banned Items: Anyone found in the possession of flammable materials, including but not limited to hot pots, matches, fireworks, lighters, butane, incense, and candles and/or knives or weapons of any kind will be sent home from camp immediately at their parents expense and without any refund of fees.