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As you can see from this website, Camp Hatikvah offers an impressive program. What is important to know, however, is that none of what you see would be possible without our donors. While camp fees cover things like our counselling staff, food, insurance and site maintenance, everything else - including every building on site and almost every piece of equipment we have - was made possible only through donor support. 

Summer camps are expensive - and our camp is no exception - but we are proud to state that on a per-day basis, Camp Hatikvah is one of the least expensive Jewish camps in North America. Maintaining this reputation and reality for our families is one of the most important responsibilities of our board of directors and the key tenant of all of our strategic planning. 


Why is this so important to us? 


Because living an engaged Jewish life is costly and many of our families are really struggling with affordability. Our pricing model is simple; camp fees should cover the cost of caring for our campers and operating the facilities. Beyond that, if the camp wishes to make improvements to our site our program offerings, it is the responsibility of our volunteer board to seek donor support from our community. Fortunately for us, we have a very generous donor base who understands the value of Jewish camping. Through their support, we are able to offer an enviable program, in spectacular facilities, at price that allows us to be inclusive of our financially diverse camp community. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the following donors for their support in 2022:


Andrew Abramowich & Jill Diamond


Richard & Darlene Ames

Itay & Leigh Ariel

Mike & Lisa Averbach

William Clark & Danna Marks

Robert & Hillary Cooper

Jim & Haley Crooks

Ryan & Haley Davis

Ben & Esther Dayson Foundation 

Arthur & Judy Dodek

Noah & Jordana Dodek

Alfonso & Anya Ergas

Ron Ezekiel & Shelley Perlman

Arnie & Susan Fine

Ben & Nancy Goldberg

Jeff & Dee Goldberg

Gloria Gutman

Sam & Belinda Gutman

Sondra Green, Paul Ritter & Romy Ritter

Harold Grinspoon Foundation

Rob & Sue Hector

Steve & Ali Helper

Jonathan & Kim Israels

Shane Kozlowich & Carly Shuler

Robert & Marilyn Krell and Families - Lewis Family, Kallner Family & Singerman Family

Elliot & Megan Laskin

Eric & Gay Libin

Jonathon & Karly Leipsic

Andrew & Shawna Merkur

Norman & Sandra Miller

Paperny Foundation

David Porte

Doug Pulver & Lana Marks-Pulver

Bo & Reut Rothstein

Adam Sewell & Melanie Crystal

Arnold & Anita Silber

Penny Sprackman

Allan & Joanna Wasel

Jeff Witten & Jane Stoller

David Zacks

Ted & Linda Zacks



Alan Arnstein

David & Tamar Bakonyi

Allan & Bonnie Belzberg

Daniel & Teresa Goldstein

Sam & Christine Goldman

Jonathan Lercher & Talia Glassman

Robert & Andrea Mohr

Paul & My-Phung Myers

Daniel & Dale Porte

Bram & Alissa Rogachevsky

Daniel & Abby Remick

Josh Sadovnick & Sumerlee Samuels

Barry Slawsky

Jeremy & Michelle Thal



Steve Abramson & Jess Bowie

Jeffrey & Hildy Barnett

Joe & Joana Breckner

Randy & Chana Charach   

Brian & Jennifer Chelin

Gary & Linda Cohen

Yaron & Meirav David

Bobby & Fai Gelfand

Ryan Hayden & Belinda Weltman

David & Rachel London

Matt & Alisa Singer

Annie Simpson

Bernie & Lee Simpson

Aaron Singer & Gina McGill

Dayna Wosk


Jason & Jennifer Apple

Matthew Belzberg & Elisa Shek

Michael Berkson & Lori Braha

Steve & Nicki Black

Darren Boidman & Audrey Wexler

Peter Frankel & Shanah Fedder

Oren & Kim Garaway

Jeff & Sari Glasner

Daniel & Carly Glasner

Chen & Roni Greif

Micah & Maiky Groberman

Neil & Mira Hershcovitch

Brian & Elana Jacobson

Lou & Claire Kolman

Frank Laurie

Moises Mansur & Ann Peralta

Ken & Debra Miller

Michael Nemirow & Desiree Prisman

Ron & Judy Remick

Barry Rivelis

Brian & Sheryl Ross

Daniel Schwartz

Jill & Jason Shore

Jeff Silver & Lauren Hershfield

David Sky & Nancy Putterman

Henry & Stefani Stoch

Todd & Candice Thal


Max & Keren Alterman

Jason Azuelos & Jessica Neville

Daniel & Marni Bar-Dayan

Steve Belway & Tamara Agasi

Josh & Talia Bender

Adam Baron & Jenny Lackstone

Philip & Carly Bloch

Howard Breslaw

Gwen Epstein

Mark Gilman & Deborah Adelman

Don & Nicole Ginsberg

Michael & Gloria Golbey

David and Jan Gordan

Aaron & Reina Grant

Alain & Michelle Guez

Mark Halpert & Elizabeth Barnert

Toby Hawley & Cathy Yackness

Howard & Marla Jampolsky

John & Beth Joffe

Ron Kline & Ruth Buckwold

Nir & Marni Kushnir

Michael & Tamar Lipton

Jeff & Cathy Lowenstein

Steven & Amrit Malkin

Casey & Tali Miles

Eric & Kari Rosen

Nico & Taryn Slobinsky

Erik & Paige Swartz

Ronen & Tamar Tanne

Lucas & Shira Van den Berg

Mike & Sami Wall

Yale & Natasha Winestock

Sherri Wise

Daniel & Michele Zychlinski


Jeffrey & Samara Borden

Andrew Fransblow & Natasha Nobell

Michelle Jacobson

Colin & Lihe Katz

Bradley & Staci Kalmek

Natalie Karsyente

Mark Lecovin & Denise Guiblejman

Arie & Celia Malowicki

Marilyn Moss

Ronit Reda

Joseph & Nancy Stern

Jorgen & Hilary Walle-Jensen


If you have been impacted by Camp Hativah in any way - either as a camper, counsellor, parent or grandparent - we invite you to join this impressive list of donors who want to ensure Hatikvah's stability now and in the future. 

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