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Campers are welcome to bring up to two duffle bags to camp this summer. If your child is travelling by plane, please note that you will be required to repay the camp for any excess luggage charges incurred at the airport.


Please note that the following recommendations are most appropriate for campers participating in our longer sessions. If your child is coming to camp for Kochavim or Giborim, you should be sending significantly less of each clothing item.



  • 10 short-sleeved or sleeveless tops

  • 2 long-sleeved tops

  • 4 sweatshirts

  • 6 pairs of shorts

  • 4 pairs of pants (sweatpants or jeans)

  • 12 pairs of underwear

  • 10 pairs of socks

  • 2 pairs of sleepwear

  • 5 swimsuits

  • 1 bathrobe or shower towel

  • 1 warm rain jacket

  • 2 special outfits for Shabbat

  • 2 pairs of running shoes

  • 2 pairs of sandals or flip-flops

  • 4 hats (visors are not acceptable)

  • 2 kippas for boys



1 Duvet/blanket, 2 fitted sheets, 1 flat sheet, 1 pillow, 2 pillow cases, 6 beach towels, 2 bath towels, 1 face cloth, 1 sleeping bag for overnights/undernights.


1 Shower caddie, 1 bottle liquid soap, 1 bottle of shampoo, 1 bottle of conditioner, 1 toothbrush in a closable case, 1 tube of toothpaste, 1 comb/brush, 2 bottles of hand sanitizer, 2 bottles of sunscreen, 1 bottle of moisturizer, 2 bottles of mosquito repellent, 1 bottle of afterbight.


1 mesh laundry bag labeled with your campers name (no garbage bags please), regular lined paper for letters, 5 pens, stamps, 1 flashlight with batteries, 2 reusable water bottles.


Each camper will be required to bring one box of five Rapid Antigen Tests with them to camp this summer. These tests will be collected upon arrival to our site. They will be pooled and stored in the infirmary and not returned at the end of the session.

Laundry service by an outside company will be provided two times during First Session and once during Second Session/Kochavim.


Please clearly label each item your child brings to camp with their first and last name.