Our History



We know that sending your child to overnight camp can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. All year long, you take great care of your children and you want to be sure that the camp is going to do the same.  



Our first priority at Camp Hatikvah is to ensure that your children are experiencing all we have to offer in a safe environment. To follow are some examples of how we strive to offer your children the safest summer experience possible:

Staff/Volunteers: The Counsellors at Camp Hatikvah are comprised of approximately 80 youth. Most were campers with us or in our Young Judaea sister camps across Canada and all have a rich love for Jewish Camping. We are also very lucky to be able to welcome Israeli staff this summer. In order to be selected to be a counsellor at Hatikvah, candidates must go through a rigorous application process including an interview, reference check and a vulnerable person record check. They also must exhibit compassion, intelligence and leadership ability and show a keen excitement for working with children.


Childcare: We have an excellent staff to camper ratio of close to 1 to 3 and very strict guidelines regarding supervision and care. We provide our counsellors with extensive pre-camp training to ensure that they are able to meet the diverse needs of our campers as well as constant supervision and evaluation during camp so that we can ensure they are emulating all that we expect from them.

Procedural Preparedness: During staff training, our staff are mandated to learn all of our emergency preparedness plans and they spend time practising fire, earthquake, water and emergency drills. They are also all trained in Emergency First Aid (EFA).


Prevention: Above all else, we practice the importance of prevention. While we are prepared to deal with many different emergencies that may arise, our goal is to not have to use those skills at all. We have well established rules and regulations for both our campers and staff and strive daily to create an environment that is a safe as possible for your children.


We have a very well-equipped infirmary on site that is staffed by three professional Registered Nurses who are there to promote good hygiene and health in our participants, distribute medications and deal with any medical issues that arise during Camp. Our nurses will be supported by volunteer doctors who will either be onsite or practising telemedicine.

All prescriptions, over the counter medications and vitamins sent to camp must be stored in the infirmary. If your child takes daily medication, please ask your pharmacist to prepare these meds in “7 day card” bubble packaging. Any non-daily medications as well as creams, inhalers etc. can be sent up to camp in their original packaging with your child’s name labelled clearly on it.


If your child is prescribed medication by a Doctor, you will be notified.


At Camp Hatikvah, we strive to promote physical and emotional wellness in the following ways:

Nutrition: Meals are planned with great care. We provide campers with 3 well-balanced kosher-style (meat is kosher and not mixed with dairy) meals per day. Additionally, healthy snacks are available throughout the day if campers are hungry.\

Physical Activity: Camp is action packed! Whether kids are engaging in our organized programming or just walking from activity to activity, our campers spend the vast majority of the day on their feet enjoying their surroundings and our many incredible activities.

Emotional Growth: Summer camp is a place where a great deal of personal growth is encouraged. Our program is designed to allow participants to strengthen relationships, discover new talents and develop a strong sense of independence and self-confidence. This, coupled with our amazing skill development, allows campers to grow in a way unparalleled with most other childhood programs.


Your children are in great hands at Camp Hatikvah. Rest assured that we will contact you if there are issues that we feel you should be made aware of and we will work together with you to come up with positive solutions that are in the best interest of your child.