Donors who made a gift of $1800 or more to Camp Hatikvah in 2021 were invited to post a photo and message on our 2021 Tribute Wall!


Andrew Abramowich & Jill Diamond

Thank you Camp Hatikvah for providing our kids with incredible friendships and countless memories to last a lifetime!


Mike & Lisa Averbach

Thank you Camp Hatikvah, for providing amazing summers for our children with memories to last a lifetime. 


Shirley Barnett 

In honour of my grandchildren: Tanner, Madison, Hannah, Asher, Cassidy and Zoe Barnett who will continue to enjoy Camp Hatikvah for many years to come. 


Beth & Leon Bogner

Thanks for taking care of our kids in the summer; it gave us time to have fun with our friends too. 

Our kids always came back from camp happy and sad at the same time as they would miss everything to do with Camp Hatikvah!


William Clark & Danna Marks

Camp Hatikvah is such an important part of our lives and we will be forever grateful for the memories and friendships established at camp. 


Robert & Hillary Cooper

Wishing you 65 more amazing years of camp experiences!! Thank you for so many wonderful summer memories for our girls.


Mel & Geri Davis Family

Wishing Camp Hatikvah continued success. We look forward to the next generation of our family enjoying their experiences as much as we did. 

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Craig & Carrie Diamond



Ron Ezekiel & Shelley Perlman

  Thank you Camp Hatikvah for being a home away from home for our kids and being such an important part of our community!


Carly Fine & Misha Ratner-Decle

Sending all the love we can muster to Camp Hatikvah, for providing so may of our best memories and for planting the roots of our growing family!  xo


Ben & Nancy Goldberg

With gratitude to Camp Hatikvah for its outstanding contribution to Jewish continuity in British Columbia.


Sondra Green

As a former President of Camp Hatikvah and parent of former campers/staff, I am honoured to be able to celebrate its 65th Anniversary. 

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Hatikvah Board of Directors

In honour of Liza, Eden and all of the Camp Hatikvah staff who give their heart and soul to our community's children. 


J.J. & Kim Israels

Thank you Camp Hatikvah, for the friendships, good times, and the amazing lifetime of memories, that you continue to provide each and every summer to our kids 


Chris & Stacey Kape

Thank you to Camp Hatikvah for helping us raise our kids Justin, Abbey and Matt and for the endless memories!!

05-Krell bw.JPG

Rob & Marilyn Krell

You really managed the impossible this year. 
We are so grateful and appreciative of everything you’ve done to make this summer happen for all the kids!


Jory & Stacey Levitt

Thank you to Camp Hatikvah for the incredible memories and magical summers. Good times forever! 


Andrew & Shawna Merkur

With all our gratitude to Camp Hatikvah for providing our children Jacob, Noah and Hannah the most incredible summer experience. Our community is so lucky to have this magical place to call home every summer.


Robert & Andrea Mohr

Thank you for providing our family with three generations of wonderful Jewish camp experiences, traditions and memories to cherish.

With love from,

Robert and Andrea Mohr Family

Sami, Mike, Poppy, Liv and Shiloh Wall

Michael, Sloane, Rocco and Celine Mohr


Daniel & Dale Porte

We are very grateful for the role Camp Hatikvah has played in our lives and we wish Camp Hatikvah continued success in the years to come. 

Family Photo.jpg

Daniel & Abby Remick

Thank you Camp Hatikvah for all of the memories and incredible summers as a camper and staff, and we are looking forward to many more memories and incredible summers to come for our girls. We can't wait to get up to Camp again for a more scenic family photo!


Bo & Reut Rothstein

Thank you to Camp Hatikvah for the wonderful summer experiences and all the memories!


Reza Shahrestani & Lisa Davis

Thank you Camp Hatikvah for providing generations of smiles and laughter. Thank you for helping to cultivate the young seeds of life-long friendships and giving them this beautiful safe space to grow. May we always be able to give this amazing summer experience to our future generations to come.


A.J. and Rachel Silber

We look forward to creating lifelong memories at Camp Hatikvah for our children


Matthew & Michaela Singergman

Camp Hatikvah is truly a magical place. We are so grateful and appreciative to have this wonderland for our kids, Shael, Boaz and Mikol to spend their summers making lifelong friends and memories! 

13891[2] 2.jpg

Jeff Witten & Jane Stoller

Thank you Camp Hatikvah for all the good times and endless memories.
Camp holds a special place in our family's heart.


Richard & Darlene Ames

Thanks Camp Hatikvah for such a fun place for our children and grandchildren to participate in Family Camp.


David & Tamar Bakonyi

It is very unique and extremely special to have a place like Camp Hatikvah that is so meaningful to all of us, with so many parallel memories and experiences decades apart.


Allan & Bonnie Belzberg

We are very grateful that our children and grandchildren have had the opportunity to spend their summers at Camp Hatikvah!


Joe & Joana Breckner

Kol Hakavod to the entire Camp Hatikvah staff for instilling the love of Judaism for generations of campers and giving Sarah and Talia memories that will last a lifetime.


Gary & Linda Cohen

We sang of love, of pioneers, and of Israel.  We lit the match to remember Hannah Senech and the sacrifices of our people so that we may be free.  We ran through the fields, sang around the camp fire, breathed in the Okanagan air and dove into Kalamalka Lake.  Oh, the friends we made and the memories that have sustained us to this day.  Thank you counsellors, staff and campers for an incredible journey.


Cristall Families

Camp Hatikvah will always have a special place in our hearts. Cherished memories to last a lifetime. 

Philip & Iris 2014.jpeg

 Phil & Iris Dayson

In honour of our grandchildren Taylor, Brayden & Emma Dayson who will enjoy Camp Hatikvah for many years to come. 

Arthur and Judy 1960's.jpg

Arthur & Judy Dodek

Thank you for the wonderful memories that we, our children and our grandchildren have from Camp Hatikvah.


Arnie & Susan Fine

In loving memory of Ted and Sybil Soskin and with appreciation for the enduring happiness Camp Hatikvah has brought to our family over the years.  Mazel Tov on this milestone anniversary!


Randy & Jenny Frisch

In honour of Jacob, Noah and Hannah and the lifetime of memories they have made at Camp Hatikvah. 


Jeff & Dee Goldberg

We met at camp as did our daughter, Ely and her husband, Matt.  We are forever grateful to Camp Hatikvah for strengthening our Jewish and Zionist identities as well as for the countless memories and life-long friendships made there.


Groberman Family

Camp Hatikvah has been an important part of the Groberman family for generations. It has been the place where cherished memories have been made and where we know many more will come. 

Harold, Marla, Micah, Maiky, Jonas & Evan in loving memory of Jory Groberman z"l


Rob & Sue Hector

In honor of our boys and how camp has helped shape their lives


Joel & Tara Kallner

We are so grateful to have our kids grow up with such a unique opportunity to spend their summers as both campers and staff, making memories and building friendships at such a special place. Also, sincere thanks to Liza and the leadership at camp, who put their hearts into making Camp Hatikvah such a gem.

Screenshot 2021-03-11 at 10.42.54 PM.jpe

Peter & Jan Kirsch

In support of the camp that my daughter Shawna and my grandchildren Jacob, Noah and Hannah love so much! 

IMG_7288 (1).jpeg

Elliot, Megan, Rebecca &

Max Laskin

Camp Hatikvah will always hold a very special place in all of our hearts and we are  grateful for the many special memories we cherish from our times at camp.


Shawn & Shoshana Lewis

With our children being 3rd generation now attending our beloved Camp Hatikvah, we couldn't be more proud to have a home away from home to send them back to every Summer! 
With gratitude,
Shosh, Shawn, Mattie, Julian and Charlie 


Edwin & Miriam Merkur

We are grateful for the experiences our grandchildren have had at Camp Hatikvah and wish the camp many more years of success. 


Paul & My-Phung Myers

With gratitude to the children, staff and parents I had the opportunity to meet and work with during my amazing time at Hatikvah.


Also with great excitement for the experiences our children will have in the future. Hatikvah is a wonderful place and we are honoured to be a part of it. 


David Porte

SITS '83, '15 and '20 (well almost) forever!


Josh & Amy Remick

Thank you Camp Hatikvah for a lifetime of memories and friends. And for giving our children those same wonderful experiences!


Justin & Mirjana Ryder

With gratitude to Camp Hatikvah for a lifetime of memories.


Shafran Family & Devonshire Properties

Thank you Camp Hatikvah for creating a home away from home for our children. Providing unforgettable experiences and lifelong friendships.

Arnold and Anita Silber.jpg

Arnold & Anita Silber

We are very proud to be part of our community that has given Camp Hatikvah continuous support.  Our children and grandchildren are fortunate to have benefitted from the opportunity to experience Camp Hatikvah


Peter & Jamie Tolensky

Thank you Camp Hatikvah for being a home-away-from-home for our family! 


David Zacks

Thank you Camp Hatikvah for the great summers. 


Alan Arnstein

 Thanks you camp Hatikvah for all the great memories from one generation to the next!!


Ron Bakoyni

Our Queen Veronica and her 5 veteran Camp Hatikvah Grandchilden

camp picture.jpeg

Michael Berkson & Lori Braha

Thank you Camp Hatikvah!
Wishing all of this year's campers and staff a fabulous summer.


Brian & Dalia Bressler

With so much appreciation to Camp Hatikvah! Thank you for providing our children with amazing summers full of incredible experiences and so much love. 

image001 (1).jpg

Jonathan & Leanne Coleman

With gratitude to Camp Hatikvah for the many wonderful memories our children experienced at camp. 


Jim & Haley Crooks

Thank you, Camp Hatikvah, for the unforgettable memories (dating back almost 30 years), and many more to come for our kids, Kacey, Dylan, and Taya!


Diamond Foundation

Thank you Camp Hatikvah for being the place where Jewish values, culture and traditions come together helping campers connect to their Jewish identity and the larger Jewish community

Callies Bat Mitzvah - Morning - WR -133.

Noah & Jordana Dodek

With appreciation to Camp Hatikvah for providing the Dodek, Wosk and Epstein families with memories that will be forever cherished and last a lifetime.


Adam Fine 

They say that nothing gold can stay; they obviously never went to Camp Hatikvah. Here's to many more summers under the Oyama sun, forging friendships and memories that last a lifetime. Good times forever!

Untitled design (7).png

Geoff & Myriam Glotman

Coming Soon

Henry Goldman, Morris Goldman, Zac Peter (1).jpg

David Goldman & Penny Sprackman

Honouring Camp Hatikvah for creating a safe, secure and wonderful camping environment – for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren. Thank you!


In loving memory of

Jory Groberman z'l

Thank you Jory for all the wonderful memories and laughs you helped create for so many of us at Camp Hatikvah. Your memory and legacy lives on in all of us who knew and loved you. 

Camp Hatikvah 2018 3 boys 2018Jul.JPG

Steve & Ali Helper

Thank you for the special memories growing up at Camp Hatikvah. We're so happy to continue the tradition for our boys Richie, David and Hayes. It's da best! 


Howie & Simone Kallner

Thank you Camp Hatikvah for ours and our children's fondest memories.  You have enriched all our lives and we are grateful for all that you do for our children and our community.

fam shot.jpg

Ron Kline & Ruth Buckwold

Thank you Camp Hatikvah for generations of enriching experiences, enduring friendships and cherished memories.  Good times forever!


The Leipsic Family

Thank you Camp Hatikvah for the generations of incredible and authentic memories and Jewish experiences


Eric & Gay Libin

From three generations of the Eric Libin family. 

"Libin it up" at Camp Hatikvah 


Norman & Sandra Miller

With appreciation to Camp Hatikvah for providing our children and grandchildren with many memorable experiences. We are proud to have been able to support Camp Hatikvah for many years. 


Paperny Foundation

The Paperny Foundation values the lifelong friends and connections made at Camp Hatikvah


Yvette Porte

In honour of my children and grandchildren who have enjoyed and are still enjoying the happiest weeks of each year


Romy Ritter

Thank you Camp Hatikvah for the many wonderful years of memories, laughter and fun as a camper and then as a staff member. You will always hold a special place in my heart & be a place I call home. 


Adam Sewell & Mel Crystal

With gratitude to Camp Hatikvah for being the source of our best childhood memories, and for being the same amazing place that our boys now look forward to spending time at every summer.  


The Shilmover boys:
Noah, Benji and Zachary

Thank you Camp Hatikvah for providing many memories for years to come!


Herb & Barb Silber

Herb was the third camper to arrive when Camp Hatikvah opened in Oyama in 1956. To see our grandchildren now being inspired by their Camp Hatikvah experience is something special  for us. 


Allan and Joanna Wasel

Thank you to Camp Hatikvah for helping us raise our children, Sammi and Tessa.

Thank you as well to all of the supporters who have built and sustained Camp Hatikvah over the years. Your commitment to Camp Hatikvah is the reason for its ongoing success and your support has enriched the lives of thousands of children. 

image002 (1).jpg

Ted Zacks & Linda Mann

To the Staff and Volunteers that enable Camp Hatikvah to provide joyful experiences, build lifelong friendships and create memories that last a lifetime.