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At Camp Hatikvah, we firmly believe that every child should have the opportunity to have a Jewish camping experience where they can connect with their heritage, build lifelong friendships and create unforgettable memories. Our Campership Program is designed to break down financial barriers and provide opportunities for those who might not otherwise have access to our exceptional camp experiences. 

We have dedicated this section of our website to offering transparent information regarding our campership  program. In doing so, we hope to help make the application process more accessible and empower families to make informed decisions about applying. 

To follow is a brief summary of our Eligibility Criteria: 

Residency: Camperships are available to families in need from British Columbia and Alberta. 

Income Thresholds: Starting this year, Camp Hatikvah will use income thresholds as a first step in determining eligibility for financial assistance. However, in an effort to recognize the unique financial challenges families with children in Jewish School are facing, we have created a formula where will will deduct the cost of your children's Jewish education from your gross income to create an 'adjusted income' before determining eligibility. To see if you qualify, please click here

Real Estate Thresholds: Residential real estate will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.


Cash/Investment Thresholds: We have set our threshold for combined cash, savings and investments at $250,000. An exception to this may be made for families who are saving for a down payment on a home.

Discretion: All campership grants are awarded at the sole discretion of our campership committee who reserve the right to take a variety of factors, including lifestyle choices, into consideration when determining what (if any) campership grant is awarded. 

To follow is a list of anticipated questions: 

How are camperships funded?

Camperships are funded entirely through the generosity of grants and donations. 

How are camperships awarded?

Camperships are awarded in the form of a fee reduction and are based on demonstrated financial need from your family’s  income and assets.

How are you factoring in the cost of Jewish Day/Supplementary School into your assessment?

Our goal is to ensure that your decision to provide your child with a Jewish education does not preclude you from ALSO being able to send your child to Camp Hatikvah. By deducting the cost of your child's Jewish education from your income, we are able to get a more accurate representation of your financial position. It is our hope that this helps ensure that families can access BOTH a Jewish education and a Jewish camping experience for their children. 

Who makes the campership decisions? 

Campership applications are reviewed and decided upon by our Campership Committee.  We follow strict privacy procedures when processing applications and always take the utmost care to ensure your confidentiality. 

When do applications for camperships open?

You are welcome to submit an application today! Click here to use our eligibility calculator and apply. 

When do applications for camperships close?

The first round of applications close on October 27th and the bulk of our funds will be distributed in November. Applications received after the deadline may be considered if funds are available but please be aware that you will likely receive less funding, if any, if you apply after the October 27th deadline. 

What documents will I need to complete my campership application?
All families will need to submit their 2022 Tax Returns and their 2022 Notices of Assessment. Additionally, families with children in Jewish Day School will need to submit their 2023/2023 school fee invoices. 

If you are self-employed you may be required to submit your T2125.


If you own or partially own a business from which you earn income, you may be required to submit your T2 and your year-end financial statements from your business.

What if I am separated or divorced from the camper's other parent or guardian?

If both parents are financially responsible for the camp fees, they each need to fill out their own application. The information you provide will not be shared with the other parent. Each guardian is evaluated individually based on their income and the portion of the fees they are responsible for.

Am I guaranteed to receive a campership if I have been approved in previous years?

Camperships are granted on a one-year cycle and applicants must apply every year. Changes to your family’s financial circumstances may affect your campership in future years.

I used your calculator and it indicated that my income is above your thresholds and that I am unlikely to receive a campership but I really do need the help. What can I do?

The calculator was designed to improve transparency and to encourage families who may have misconceptions about their eligibility to access much-needed support. With that said, we do recognize that an online calculator cannot reflect every factor that affects a family’s finances. If you believe your family has unique circumstances that warrants special consideration, you are still welcome to submit an application to us for review.

I've noticed that other camps have higher income thresholds to determine eligibility for financial assistance than Hatikvah. Why is this?

Generally speaking, the camps who are using higher thresholds than us also have much higher camp fees than us. The financial assistance they offer to higher income families tends to be in the 10 - 20% range. While this is likely very helpful and very necessary for many families, when you do the math, you will find that their discounted rate is often still higher than our base rate. 


In other words, Camp Hatikvah's base rates already reflect our commitment to affordability. Through careful and thoughtful planning, we strategically use donor funds to help maintain lower rates for ALL of our families before providing further support to those who may still need it through our campership program. 

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