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Camp Hatikvah strives to provide campers with a well-rounded summer experience based on a philosophy of learning and living together outdoors. Our site is spectacular, our facilities are modern and our activity options are endless.  


The true value of our program, however, is not measured by what participants do all day but how they do it. Campers are immersed in a group setting where they must learn to live and cooperate with others. In doing so they learn a great deal about themselves and what it means to be a member of a community. This personal growth, along with the lifelong Jewish friendships camp inspires, is what truly makes a summer at Hatikvah an experience not to be missed!





Lake Life

At Camp Hatikvah, we strive to provide our campers with enriching experiences that foster personal growth, resilience and a deep connection to the outdoors. Our waterfront program embodies this mission in every ripple and splash, allowing campers to discover the unparalleled joys of lake life while reaping countless other physical, mental, and emotional benefits.

​In today's digital age, there's nothing quite like the refreshing escape offered by a summer spent on the lake. Our waterfront program encourages campers to unwind and engage with nature in its purest form. The lake provides a serene backdrop for campers to rejuvenate their minds, strengthen their bodies and connect with fellow campers. 

​Through our waterfront program, campers acquire essential water safety skills under the guidance of our lifeguards and skilled instructors. The shared experiences of lakeside fun create a fertile ground for deep friendships to bloom. Whether it's rowing in tandem, cheering each other on during aquatic games or trying to get a pelican to actually head in the intended direction (no small feat), these shared moments foster bonds and memories that will last a lifetime.




Sports are an integral part of our summer camp experience, offering campers a plethora of opportunities for physical activity, skill development, and teamwork. From soccer and basketball to archery and capture the flag, land sports at summer camp encompass a wide range of activities that cater to diverse interests and abilities.

First and foremost, sports promote physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle. With the prevalence of screen time and sedentary activities in today's world, camp provides a refreshing break where campers can unplug and get moving. Through regular participation in sports, campers improve their cardiovascular fitness, coordination, and strength. These activities not only contribute to a strong foundation of physical health but also instill a lifelong love for staying active.

Moreover, our sports program teachs invaluable lessons in teamwork and sportsmanship. Campers learn to collaborate with their peers, strategize, and communicate effectively to achieve common goals. Whether they're scoring a goal on the soccer field, making a critical pass in basketball, or cooperating during a game of flag football, these experiences foster camaraderie and encourage campers to support one another. 




Camp Hatikvah's arts programming is an integral and cherished aspect of the camp experience, offering campers a range of creative outlets, with a particular focus on musical theatre and crafts. These activities not only provide opportunities for self-expression but also hold significant value in enhancing the overall camp experience.

For our Chalutzim & Gesher campers, the cornerstone of our artistic programming is our musical theatre program. It instills campers with confidence, teamwork, and a strong sense of accomplishment. Through auditions, rehearsals and final performances, campers not only develop their singing, acting, and dancing skills but also learn the importance of collaboration and dedication. The sense of achievement that comes from putting on a show is invaluable, boosting campers' self-esteem and providing a lasting sense of pride. Moreover, the inclusivity of musical theatre allows campers of all abilities to participate and shine on stage.

While we offer all sorts of crafting opportunities, nothing is more popular at Camp Hatikvah than bracelet making. Whether using string or beads, our campers love to express their personal style through this fun activity. However, what WE love most about this activity is watching the bonds that are created while our campers are making bracelets and just TALKING! Over the years, we have found that group bracelet making is one of the best ways we can promote social inclusion and foster a sense of community. Sometimes simple is really best. 


Buddy Program


Camp is a magical place where connections are forged between campers of all ages. This is best exemplified in our treasured Buddy Program, where we pair our oldest campers (S.I.T.s) with our youngest campers in First and Second Session (Chalutzim) so that they can come together to build meaningful friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. 

For our S.I.T. campers, the Buddy Program presents a chance to step into a mentorship role and make a positive impact on their younger peers. They know how much their young buddies look up to them and, as a result, strive to emulate positive qualities like kindness and compassion. 


As buddies, our oldest campers also get a chance to step into leadership roles, nurturing their ability to guide and inspire others. They learn the importance of patience, understanding and effective communication and they see the immediate positive impact of their time, commitment and care. Our Chalutzim campers, in turn, also benefit immensely from the Buddy Program. They find comfort in having an older buddy by their side, someone they can look up to and rely on during their camp adventures.

The impact of the Buddy Program extends beyond the individual buddy pairs. It sets a positive tone for the camp experience, where campers of all ages embrace the values of friendship, kindness, and cooperation. It reinforces the belief that camp is not just a collection of individual experiences but a shared journey where everyone plays a vital role in creating a vibrant and welcoming community.​


Jewish Life


Camp Hatikvah is a place where kids can connect with their Jewish identity, learn about Jewish values, and engage in Jewish life. It is an immersive Jewish experience where campers don't just learn about their traditions and culture – they live it everyday.


From the moment campers wake up in the morning until they go to bed at night, they find themselves in a uniquely Jewish environment. When they light shabbat candles together or say the blessings before and after the meals, camp provides Jewish kids with a place where they can experience their Judaism with joy. 


More than anything, however, Camp Hatikvah is a place where children form lifelong friendships and bonds with other Jewish children. Because of camp, they'll be part of a community that will support them throughout their lives.

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